Wedding Hacienda Barvak
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Wedding Hacienda Barvak

Hacienda Barvak offers unique settings for your wedding and engagement session. It is a venue located in San José de la Montaña, just 5 minutes from downtown Barva de Heredia. Its event hall can accommodate up to 120 people. Additionally, the hacienda boasts spacious green areas that offer stunning views of the Central Valley, perfect for an outdoor ceremony or reception. And if you're looking for a dreamy religious ceremony, Hacienda Barvak has four beautiful churches nearby that could serve as the backdrop for your union.

As for parking space, Hacienda Barvak can accommodate approximately 400 vehicles. Hacienda Barvak combines luxury and exclusivity with the nature and fresh air of one of the most beautiful areas of Costa Rica

Location: Costa Rica, Heredia, Barva.